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The Talent's concept harnesses the power of the internet and social media which is giving people a platform to voice their opinion by letting them be the decision makers and choose the stars they want to listen to. It is the first-of its-kind online talent competition in the MENA region which gives rising Arabic singing talents the opportunity to introduce their voice to the world and be vetted by way of voting.

The world is full of undiscovered talents who are might not have the opportunity or the right tools to share their gift with the world.
The Talent believes that any deserving talent should have the opportunity to make themselves heard and this is why it supports them with an online platform that enables them to have stardom at their fingertips.

The internet and social media have become an essential part of our life, and The Talent leverages this actuality to help savvy contestants to become stars.

Through the website or app any talent from anywhere in the world can upload their performance and share it online with the internet public who will ultimately vote for the Talent they want to listen to.

The public can watch the contestants sing and can vote for them at their own convenience without any set time restrictions as it is customary with all televised talent shows.

With the Talent becoming a star or choosing a star has never been easier or more effortless!

The Talent also aims to fully empower its audience by letting them get involved alongside the jury panel in the primary contestant selection. After the completion of this phase, the public's vote becomes crucial to every candidate's success at it holds the highest weight in the selection process.

Following their active involvement in the preliminary selection phase, the jury will have more of an advisory role in the show's successive stages as they will assess the candidates' performance and advise them on the next steps to improve their abilities and maximize their potential.
The influencers who have endorsed the show are also involved in promoting the contestants to the public, as well as supporting them and motivating them.

Such an environment gives the contestants, who might not all be familiar with singing in front of an audience or on stage, the opportunity to hone their skills from the comfort of their natural environment, surrounded and supported by their friends and family.

After the completion of its phases, the show will culminate in a live finale, where the finalists, who would have by then gained the required confidence and expertise, will sing on stage in front of an audience.

Social media giants (FB, IG, Twitter and YouTube) are supporting this initiative as it is revolutionizing the concept of talent shows as we know them. It is getting the audience exceptionally involved with the contestants and socially active as per the tremendous views, shares, likes and comments we have been registering since the launch of this project. Twitter has even launched the first voting bot in the MENA region enabling the public to vote for their favorite contestants online.

The show was first launched without any media support, in order for the contestants to learn how to build and spread their online presence on our social media platforms.

The jury’s role in the preliminary phase, which culminated in the selection of 20 candidates, was crucial as it had to select the most deserving and highest potential candidates. As such the weight attributed to their selection was 50% of the overall contestants’ voting score and equal to that of the public’s vote.
As a result, some contestants who had a very positive presence on social channels were not selected for the next phase while others who were not as prominent online as their peers were selected.

After the launch of its media campaign last month, the Talent has garnered results that were beyond our expectations for a show in its first season. It has reached more than 20 million people on the social platforms and more and more people are engaging with the contestants and offering their support to their favorite candidates.

People have been very active in showing their support to the candidates through the pertinent platforms assigned to voting such as our website and mobile app, which enable them to send the contestants of their choice unlimited votes in one go, or SMS voting, whereby they can send their chosen contestant’s code to their relevant country number.

The voting score calculation is divided as follows: 50 percent for website, mobile app, and SMS votes, 25 percent for social media engagement, and 25 percent for the jury members. The public is the decision maker and its vote accounts for 75% of the overall voting score!

The result of the scores will decide the shortlisted contestants at each phase and ultimately who will be crowned winner of the Talent title at the show’s live finale.

Know more about the prize
The winner will have the opportunity to sign a music production agreement with Rotana, the Arab world’s largest record label.
Haven’t you registered yet?
You are one click away from making your dream come true. So, what are you waiting for?

Contestants must be 16+. Contestants under 18 years of age must acquire the written consent of their parents or legal guardian. Applications can be submitted from any country.

•A clear personal photo must be attached to the application.

•A passport is required in the final stage of the competition. If unavailable, contestants must issue one before reaching the final stage.


Contestants must have a valid working mobile number, valid home address, valid personal email address, and an active and actual personal social media profile: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube channel (if available).

To become a star all you need to do is subscribe to The Talent’s website, or application, and choose from a bouquet of songs we have chosen especially for you, then upload a video of yourself singing this song.

Once our jury, composed of renowned Arab stars and industry experts, approves your video, you will be qualified for the next phase, where the support of your friends and followers is crucial to make it to the next stage.

A panel of prominent celebrities, whose opinion on the candidates and their performance, will constitute an integral part of the competition. They are:






The winner will have the opportunity to sign a music production agreement with Rotana, the Arab world’s largest record label.

To subscribe to the show, the following documentation must be provided:

  • A clear personal photo must be uploaded to your profile.
  • Accurate contact details (full name and mobile number) along with a valid email address

In addition to the above, traveling may be required during the final phase of the show. To this effect, contestants who do not have a passport must issue one before reaching this stage.
Also, contestants must make themselves available throughout all the show’s phases in order to be promptly and easily reached.

Phase 1: Choose a song from our music library, film yourself singing it and upload it on our website or application.

Your performance should be compliant with the rules and regulations of the show. Once our expert Jury panel approves your video, you will be automatically qualified for the next round.

Phase 2: This is where the real challenge begins as from this phase onwards a time-limited voting process will kick off and qualify the contestants for each upcoming stage. Qualified candidates will continue to compete until a winner is declared at the end of the contest.

All the contestants’ videos will be posted online on the show’s social media platforms for the public to see, share and like. It is the public who will determine if you will make it to the next round as each share and like will count as votes in your favor. Incite your fans and family to vote for you, your success depends on them!

Phase 3: The competition is getting more intense! The 20 contestants who gathered the most votes will make it to this phase. Each contestant in this stage will have to execute a singing mission assigned to him by our Jury and upload it on the Talent’s website or application.

At this stage voting will be open to the public, who will choose their preferred 10 contestants, via website, app, and SMS ONLY. Our website and app enable you to send as many votes as you like to the contestants of your choice in one go, the more votes you give your favorite contestants, the more chances they will get to be qualified for the next phases,

Phase 4: The 10 contestants chosen by the public will execute another singing challenge and wait for the public’s vote to find out who are the 5 contestants who will make it to the next phase.

Phase 5: The 5 contestants will execute a third singing mission that will determine the 3 final contestants who will be competing for the Talent’s prize.

Phase 6: The 3 finalists will have to show the world who’s got THE TALENT and flex their vocal muscles as one of them will be chosen by the online public to sign a music production agreement with Rotana and become a star!

Duration: Minimum of 40 seconds

Sound: your voice must be clear and audible and the video shouldn’t contain any background noise.

Clarity: The video should clearly show your face and the upper part of your body. Avoid zooming in on any of your features or filming yourself from a remote distance.

Light: Avoid lighting that is too bright or too dim in order for your features to show properly.

*Videos must be uploaded on time in order to maximize your chances of being selected amongst the top candidates.

Additional tips:

  • Make sure you are properly and decently dressed!
  • Display a confident and positive attitude!
  • Show us your best look!
  • You can use a microphone to amplify your voice
  • You can shoot with the device of your choice, whether a camera or a mobile, as long as the above conditions are respected.
  • If you want to use special effects, you can do so but keep your video simple and authentic to reflect your character.
  • And most importantly be yourself and let your personality shine through!

Within 48 hours you will be notified if your video got accepted or if it doesn’t comply with the show’s requirements. I your video is rejected, please refer back to the show’s requirements in order to film the proper video.

If my video was rejected, means, I don't have a second chance?

If your video gets rejected because it doesn't meet the requirements of the show, you will get the chance to apply again.

All you need to do is shoot another video that is compliant with the previously stated requirements.

We would love for you to sing the songs that you are most comfortable with and that show the full extent of your voice’s capacities. That is why we have compiled an extensive song library featuring the most prominent Rotana artists and that is sure to suit any taste and voice tonality.

Yes! It will definitely show your vocal skills!

We love fans who are knowledgeable of our repertoire! Send us your song request and we will revert back to you within 48 hours at the latest with our feedback.

Only if it is a song for which you own the rights. In that case, please provide us with the legal documents to prove it.

You can vote for the contestant of your choice on The Talent's website or app, which enable you to send them as many votes as you like with one click of a button, or via SMS.
All you have to do is head to our website or app, specify the number of votes you would like to send to your favorite contestant and get that voting in motion with one simple click! Find out how below:

On the website and app:
You can vote for any of the qualified contestants whose videos are displayed on the homepage.
You can also vote for the contestant of your choice through their profile page.
All you have to do is click on the “Vote now” button to be redirected to the voting page. Enter the number of votes you would like to send the contestant of your choice in the dedicated "Votes" box next to their name and then click on "Proceed" at the bottom of the page to send your votes. We told you it was just a click of a button!

You can also vote for your favorite contestant by way of SMS (each SMS will be counted as one vote). All you have to do is send your favorite contestant's short code to The Talent's dedicated numbers provided by your country's telecom operator.

Social media:
You can also show your favorite contestants additional social support by voting for them on The Talent's Twitter page via our voting bot which is the first Twitter voting bot in the MENA region and which was created especially for this event.
Also don't forget to share your favorite contestants' videos on social media as the more exposure they get, the higher their chances of getting selected for the next phase.

  • The highest voting weights are attributed to voting achieved via website, app and SMS.
  • The Jury’s opinion and the social voting/shares will be compiled with the above votes to calculate each contestant’s final score.


Upcoming phases

14-24 September: The public’s vote and jury deliberations will qualify 10 contestants for this phase. They will have to execute another singing challenge and wait for the public’s vote to find out who are the 5 contestants who will make it to the next phase.

29 September – 9 October: The 5 contestants will execute a third singing mission that will determine the 3 final contestants who will be competing for the Talent’s prize.

11- 21 October: The 3 finalists will embark on a final mission to show the world who’s got THE TALENT and flex their vocal muscles as one of them will be crowned winner of the coveted Talent’s title.


The winner will be revealed during a live event. Stay tuned for more information!

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download the app on your mobile!

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